Our epidemic prevention and control team and the work management center jointly go deep into the project site inspection and resume preparations.

Release time: 2020/3/9 10:30:44

Wang Hongbing, director of the company's epidemic prevention and control team, and Meng Cunzhong, director of engineering, and so on, carried out inspections in March 6th for the renovation work of the Hongfeng science and Technology Park and the comprehensive renovation and renovation of the Jiangning tax administration complex.

At the scene of the project, the inspection team gave a detailed understanding of the site's rework plan and progress schedule to the project manager, and asked the project department to strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control responsibility and the main responsibility of the safety production according to the specific requirements of the local government and the company's project site rehabilitation plan. The preparation of control materials and the registration of various kinds of accounts were checked. Finally, it was emphasized that the project department should attach great importance to the work of resuming management, and conduct a comprehensive investigation of all kinds of dangerous sources in advance. We should accelerate the work of Cheng Jianshe on the basis of epidemic prevention and control and safety production management, so as to ensure the completion of the project's expected goals. The inspection team has checked the relevant documents of the project department's on-site rehabilitation, preventive measures, material preparation and implementation system, and has submitted relevant documents to the government and the relevant departments for epidemic prevention and rehabilitation at the location where the project is located.

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