Our company successfully convened the 2020 annual business meeting.

Release time: 2020/3/16 16:47:10

Nanjing Kaifeng Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. The 2020 annual business conference was successfully held in March 14th. Due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, the conference was broadcast live by video, including the board of directors, functional departments and branches. All the staff took part in the meeting. The conference will focus on learning and learning from the company. The outline of the 2020 annual business plan "comprehensively clarifies the development thinking of the company under the new situation, and completes the planning and deployment of the 2020 annual economic goals and tasks.

At the meeting, the chairman of the company Zhou Yun was in the outline. In 2020, we carried out a detailed interpretation of the guiding ideology of management and management, the objectives of the annual economic plan and the important work done by the plan. After the meeting, we asked all staff members to seriously study and understand the connotation of the outline. All functional departments should combine their respective management practices as soon as possible, and decompose the business objectives and tasks of each sector as soon as possible, and formulate specific implementation measures.

Other directors of the board also delivered speeches, hoping that the majority of employees should actively understand the spirit of the outline and quickly and efficiently put them into work to win back the losses brought by the epidemic to enterprises, and at the same time, we should establish a cost reduction and efficiency increase, increase revenue and reduce expenditure and serve customers' awareness, so as to further enhance the ability to resist risks and promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

Past In 2019, a number of outstanding individuals and teams emerged in their respective positions. At the meeting, the board of directors and leaders of the general office issued a series of honorary titles such as the company's "lucky stars", "excellent managers", "advanced individuals" and "advanced teams" in 2019. At the same time, heads of general offices, departments and branches came to power to sign the responsibility document for economic objectives and tasks of 2020.

In 2020, China's economy is in a critical period of climbing over the ridge. Affected by the epidemic, domestic economic growth will slow down. Therefore, Kaifeng decoration will continue to focus on the general principles of "stable overall indicators, stable market operations, stable bidding projects, stable project investment and stable capital operation", and carry out all the work of the company in a bid to fully accomplish its economic objectives and important tasks in 2020.

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