Kaifeng decoration successfully held ERP system informatization construction completion and report meeting

Release time: 2020 / 7 / 10 16:03:24

On July 9, 2020, Nanjing Kaifeng Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. held the ERP system information construction completion and report meeting in the company's conference room. Zhou Yun, chairman of the company, Chen Shiwei, executive deputy general manager and other leaders of the general manager's office, members of the project construction team and relevant leaders of Shenzhen Haofeng company, the contractor of the project, attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Jiang Zhonglian, deputy general manager of the company.

At the meeting, chairman Zhou Yun, as the leader of the informatization project construction group, first delivered a speech, in which he briefly reviewed the construction process of the company's informatization project. He pointed out that: Kaifeng's informatization project Since it was launched in September 2019, it has been highly valued and strongly supported by the leading group of the general manager's office and the majority of employees. With the joint efforts and close cooperation of Kaifeng company and Shenzhen Haofeng company, the project contractor, the system has been successfully launched and achieved the expected goal and effect of the project construction.

Subsequently, the project construction team's implementation engineer showed the project results, and Liu Donghua, general manager of Shenzhen Haofeng company, the contractor of the project, made a summary speech on the project.

Finally, chairman Zhou Yun is the contractor of the project, Shenzhen Haofeng company Award excellent suppliers Bronze medal And take a group photo.

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