Kaifeng decoration condolence project department to distribute heat prevention and cooling supplies

Release time: 2020 / 8 / 11 10:06:49

In early August, Nanjing Kaifeng Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. issued heatstroke prevention and cooling supplies for front-line construction personnel in construction projects in order to ensure the health of front-line construction personnel and prevent the occurrence of heatstroke in early August, the labor union committee of the company and the engineering management center uniformly distributed heatstroke prevention supplies for the front-line construction personnel, which added a security guarantee for the construction site.

Since the beginning of summer, the company has attached great importance to the work of heatstroke prevention and cooling in high-temperature weather, and requires all project departments to make proper arrangements for working hours while early warning of high-temperature weather, reasonably avoid high-temperature periods, and try to reduce outdoor working hours, so as to create a good working environment for on-site construction personnel. In daily work, all project departments also pay attention to publicizing and explaining the knowledge of heatstroke prevention and cooling for front-line construction personnel, further enhance their self-protection awareness of heatstroke prevention and cooling, protect the health of construction workers, and provide a strong guarantee for the timely completion of the expected objectives of project construction with quality and quantity.

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