brand building

Brand building

Over the years, the company has taken the lead in the concept of quality, and has successfully completed many major public projects such as shopping malls, hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, real estate exhibition centers, cultural entertainment centers and other large public works projects with the business concept of "high level design, high quality construction, high standard service, high-quality team, efficient management and low energy consumption". There are many aspects of concern and trust. The company attaches great importance to modern scientific management and brand building, constantly improving service quality, meeting customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations. With high quality service and good social reputation, enterprises have successively won "Nanjing famous brand service enterprises" and "Jiangsu Province abide by contracts and credit enterprises". "Jiangsu famous brand", "Jiangsu excellent decoration enterprise" and "national top 100 enterprises" and other honorary titles. The project has won many national, provincial and municipal awards and awards. In the construction industry, it shows excellent "Kaifeng brand".

In the years to come, Kaifeng will make unremitting efforts to strive for more outstanding products and dedication to the market, and is willing to work together with like-minded people to create brilliant tomorrow.

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