Renovation project of Jiangsu Provincial Department of justice window business complex building

Release time: 2017/12/13 11:23:53

The renovation project of Jiangsu Provincial Judicial Department window business complex building is located in the Jiangsu Provincial Judicial Office of Beijing West Road, Nanjing. The main contents of the project are building interior decoration and curtain wall engineering, with a total construction area of about 5100 square meters.  

The project won the 2015 National Architectural Decoration Award. The 2014 Sixth China Yangtze River Delta outstanding stone construction project (building exterior decoration category) gold stone award, the national building decoration industry science and technology demonstration project, the project innovates the use of "wall without keel point hanging polished tiles" new technology, has been awarded the National Science and technology innovation achievement, Jiangsu provincial level construction method. During construction, he was awarded the title of Nanjing municipal civilized site and the provincial civilized site of Jiangsu province.


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