Long Hao jadeite Xingcheng model project

Release time: 2017/12/22 13:16:08

Long Hao jade Xingcheng model project, the use area: 120.96 square meters, this case follows the classical European style main elements, integrates the modern life breath and the French culture gentle elegance and elegance, not only the luxurious atmosphere, more has the comfort and the romantic; the perfect optimization space feeling displays is a kind of exquisite life humanism. In the design, we pursue the continuity of the spatial change and the sense of hierarchy of the form changes. We often use wallpaper, carpet, curtain, bedspread, curtain and classical decorative painting in the room, reflecting the gorgeous decoration style. The European furniture mix and match decoration not only makes it fashionable, but also creates a unique oriental style. Through the perfect line, the refinement of details, the rich and more gentle and sentimental, the taste is the exquisite life sentiment, healthy and natural life needs exquisite life appreciation.

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