Huasheng Dayun City 2 commercial B district public area decoration project

Release time: 2017/12/15 10:29:32

"Huasheng Dayun City 2 commercial B district public area decoration project" project is located in Hefei east gate, Yuxi Road Elevated east entrance 1000 meters, with a total renovation area of 16000 square meters. This project is adhering to the modern and smart design concept. It has used a large number of special-shaped aluminum plates, perforated aluminum plates, mosaic stones, complex modeling ceiling, with dazzling lighting, so that the whole space presents a sense of avant-garde fashion. The whole public space decoration project and hydropower installation project were built by Nanjing Kaifeng Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. from August 2017 to January 2018, and the project was highly praised and praised by the owners.

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