Jilin National Fitness Center Project

Release time: 2017/12/20 12:00:00

The Jilin national fitness center project is located in the east of Nanshan street in Fengman District, Jilin. It covers an area of 60000 square meters, and the project area is 34900 square meters. It is the largest and most complete fitness center in Jilin. It has been the opening ceremony of the twenty-fourth China Golden Rooster hundred film Festival. It is one of the main venues of China Golden Rooster hundred flowers film festival. Two or three or four floors of interior decoration are built by Nanjing Kaifeng Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

The project was awarded the 2016 Nanjing high quality project award (Jinling cup) and the 2016 China Architectural Engineering Decoration Award.

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